Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Kindle, My Indispensable Homeschool Tool

A couple of years ago my youngest two homeschooled scholars and I took the Food Renegades' online nutrition course together. I emailed the nutrition text for the class to my Kindle account. This way the three of us could read it on the Kindle, which was more convenient.
Most people know you can underline and take notes with Kindle documents. But what I realized is that there was a new way I could use that feature. I could highlight points I wanted them to notice. I could highlight the point where I wanted them to stop a reading. I could add notes- and my notes are questions, narration questions. I could write the notes for myself, too. This way, when they finish a chapter I take the Kindle and revisit my notes for the book and see a handy reminder of any points I want to discuss with them, or questions I wanted to ask.

I imagine they could do the same- read my Kindle, underline stuff they found important or interesting, type in their own notes and response to my questions.

It's not *necessary,* but golly, gee, this gadget is FUN!

The Food Renegade Course may be a bit radical. If you agreed with the general content of Michael Pollan's books The Omnivore's Dilemma, and In Defense of Food, you will probably find this food and nutrition course a good fit for your family.
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  1. Admirable use of this technology. I’m inspired for the first time to use a Kindle.