Wednesday, May 24, 2017

You might be using living books if....

Over in our forum we have an ongoing thread called 'You might be using AmblesideOnline if...' and then parents share their stories.  It's a lot of fun.  One of my favourite such stories from our own family is from many years ago, when my own mother took my second daughter to the pet store for phone, and then teasingly suggested they should buy a pet snake.  "Oh, let's do that!" said my girl, then 8 years old, "Mother will be aghast!"

Sometimes people post on our facebook group, too, and I got permission to share this one because it tickled me so much.

Back-story- Mom instructed daughter to finish her Chaucer Storybook reading before bed.  Daughter could not find it so could not complete her assignment.  She delivered this note to her mother:

Isn't that delightful?  

Feel free to share your own examples of how living books have changed your own family's vocabulary and brought some humour and light into your lives.


  1. That is great!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is magnificent! Thank you for sharing!

    My head is awhirl with all of the rich language evident in the talk of my young children as they play and in their daily interactions with others as a result of their exposure to great books, and it makes me so thankful for the philosophy of Charlotte Mason and the untiring work of AmblesideOnline.

  3. Perfect!! CM oldtimer with four AO graduates, now making CM children of their own.

  4. When my son was only four but reading through the year 0 books and poetry he found a dime on the road and said ,"Oh mommy, it's a sixpence" :) Though my favourite is when the children come to tell me they've been quarrelling