Friday, July 22, 2022

Introducing... Our AO Folk Songs for 2022-2023!




We are so excited about this year's selections! 

For selected video/mp3 links, please visit our Folk Songs page at 

This year, we are featuring each folk song on its very own post here on Archipelago, linked in the list above. These posts will be linked from the AO Folk Songs page, too. This way, when you start preparing to introduce a new song, it will be easy as pie to click straight to that song's blog post. Be sure to check out each song's post for recommended lyrics and recordings, and interesting info about each song.

My Youtube playlist for AO Folksongs 2022-2023 is where you'll find carefully selected versions of the term’s songs (the versions recommended to go with our lyrics, and many more besides). I enjoy hearing different interpretations by various artists. I find it helps us enter into the creative stream of these timeless songs, and to better understand their enduring appeal to all generations and to all kinds of folks. 

And Now For A Few Helpful Hints

If you’re new around here (and if so, welcome and we’re so glad you’re here!), please (we beg you!) read/re-read Wendi Capehart’s post Folk Songs: Some Back Story. It'll do you good.

Then read her brief but terrific introductory comments here, where she shared some of her easy but brilliant ideas for living the folk singing life.

And if you’re still not quite sure why we AO folks make such a fuss about singing, please read Folk Songs: Some Real Life Experiences for a hearty dose of encouragement. 

You may also enjoy my essay Folk Songs, Unplugged

Here's to a jolly great year of folk songs! 

Many heartfelt thanks to 
Nicole Capehart Ramsey
Rebecca Capehart Judy
Caitlin Bruce Beauchamp
 for sharing their invaluable insights about this year’s song lineup. 
I love you girls so much, and I love that folk songs matter so much to you, and 
that you’ve all grown up to be folk singing mamas.

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