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Folk Song for March 2025: All Through the Night

This is one of the most well-known Welsh folk songs, which has been translated into several languages. Wikipedia notes that “The song is highly popular with traditional Welsh male voice choirs, and is sung by them at festivals in Wales and around the world.” Sir Harold Boulton wrote the best-known English lyrics in 1884.

The melody has been used for Christian hymns such as "Go My Children With My Blessing” (1983), “God That Madest Earth and Heaven” (1827) and "Father in your Love Enfold Us” (author unknown). It is also used for the hymn "For the Fruit of All Creation" by Fred Pratt Green. 


These are the lyrics by Sir Harold Boulton. Additional verses can be found on Wikipedia

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,

All through the night

Guardian angels God will send thee,

All through the night

Soft the drowsy hours are creeping

Hill and vale in slumber sleeping,

I my loving vigil keeping

All through the night.


While the moon her watch is keeping

All through the night

While the weary world is sleeping

All through the night

O'er thy spirit gently stealing

Visions of delight revealing

Breathes a pure and holy feeling

All through the night.


Video Links

On our AO Folksongs page we have included links to these four Youtube videos:

Sara Gunter’s recording of the song (plus a montage of sleeping children) 

The JCtribute recording (male voice, easy to sing along with) 

Richard Sharp’s instrumental version (guitar)

This version sung in Welsh by a men’s choir, showing a montage of photos of Wales, including some of coal miners 

One more from Advisory member Anne White: Peter, Paul and Mary’s version from their 1970 album Peter, Paul and Mommy.  More for listening than for singing along, as they do a fair amount of creative harmonizing and their lyrics are slightly simplified; but a beautiful rendition just the same.

Our helpful intro post is sure to liven up your folk song adventures.

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