Wednesday, July 16, 2014

CM Philosophy--the Really Short Version

by Anne White

If you were making a Charlotte Mason t-shirt, what would it say?

Right away you have your choice of well-used CM mottoes.  I am, I can, I ought, I will. Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.  Things, Books, Ideas.  Knowledge of God, Knowledge of Man, Knowledge of the Universe. Keep calm and CM on (I just made that one up).

If you had to use your own words, though, what would spell it out best?  I kind of like "Learning all the Time," but John Holt already used it.  Same with "Beyond Ourselves" (Catherine Marshall).

How about "Knowledge is Just One Idea at a Time?"

What's on your shirt?


  1. "Education is the Science of Relations"

    That about sums it up from my pov. :)

    1. This was what I was going to say too.....I love this quote of hers.

    2. One of my favorites too! This would be on my CM shirt for sure. :)

  2. Education for Everyone. At least that is what I said a few months ago when asked the same question.
    A Liberal Education for All, right?

  3. I am a traditionalist... I am, I can, I ought, or Education is an atmosphere... are perfect.

    I like Lisa's too.

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  5. We practice a lifestyle of learning.

  6. Connecting with great minds… one book at a time

  7. I'd say, "Studies serve for delight." Francis Bacon
    But then, someone would think I'm an unschooler... ;)

  8. "Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life" gets my vote. That one speaks to me as an adult, and as the CM facilitator in my home. Does this mean I can order a hoodie for Christmas with this motto on it from AO? :D

  9. "If a child's mind is not an empty sack to be filled, but an organism that grows as it is fed ideas....

    Then what are our children growing on?"

    That was the idea I had when I read about Ms. Mason's idea of the mind as an organism, and that has been my driving idea ever since. It may be a little too long for a T-shirt, though!