Friday, May 12, 2017

Folksongs 2017-18, Term 1: A Nice Field of Turnips

We thought it would be fun to have something connected to harvest for this term.
We found this gem:

 That's a Nice Field of Turnips

That's a nice little farm over there
a lovely little farm over there
That's a nice little farm
a lovely little farm
that's a nice little farm over there!

2 That's a nice field o'turnips over there
3 Little pony
4 Good crop of corn
5 Fine bunch o'pigs
6 Lovely flock of sheep
& so on

Click on the speaker for a recording here:

This may seem a bit silly at first, but it's a good work and play song. Try it out and see how you'll find it creeping into daily life. A child may sing "There's a yummy plate of pancakes over here," and you may respond, "That's a fine display of manners over there." Or perhaps you'll find yourself singing,   "That's a lovely crop of children on my stairs."

Singing songs together is the point of folk songs, after all, and once you do that, they become part of the soundtrack of your lives. Your children will look back and remember singing together as one of their favourite things to do as a family.  Make singing together part of your family culture.

I just know there is a darling crop of AO singers out there.


  1. Found a video!

  2. It was just recently posted, so no credit to me for finding it.

  3. Thank you so much for these posts on the folksongs this year!

  4. Anyone know the guitar chords that accompany? Can't find the sheet music online for this one. Thanks for all the info!